It is one of the oldest ways of healing.
It releases the psychosomatic tension. It redefines muscle function, gradually correcting stiffness. Increases blood circulation, it prevents problems that have no obvious cause and improves metabolism. The skin is refreshed, the body and face muscles acquire youthfulness. Blood pressure is reduced. Relaxation is deeper and more substantial as gradually relieves stress.
It is one of the best gifts for ourselves or our loved ones..


Massages are similar to classic, slow massage just pressures become more intense at the points of the muscular system that there is pain or tightness.
When You Need It: Every time you suffer a muscular injury from hard training.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a traditional massage, which comes from Thailand. It is a combination of holistic reflexology and yoga techniques.
In the Thai Massage, the recipient wears light clothing and massage is performed on the floor. It includes work on the Thai meridians (Sen) based on a special protocol, massage techniques, shifts (resembling the techniques of osteopathy) and several passive resemblance to the yoga asana.
When You Need It: If you have anatomic stiffness or if you want better performance in sports and fitness.

Foot massage

It is an ancient practice found in ancient Greece and other cultures in the world. The foot massage is a holistic massage and is suggested to all for psychosomatic balance and well-being.
A relaxing or therapeutic massage in the calves and thighs can relax you from everyday stomach aches or relax after a vigorous exercise by removing lactic acid from your muscles.


This type of massage is a method of alternative medicine, which is based on the application of special pressures and massages on the foot and back of the legs. Because of the 7,200 nerve endings on the foot, these specific pressures cause a "reflex" stimulus at each point and organ of the body separately (eg heart, spleen, liver, etc.), resulting in the stimulation of the nervous and defense system of the organism
When You Need It: If you have days of severe stress or have digestive disorders, headaches and insomnia.

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Duration: 30-60 min