This subscription expires in 30 days and includes 8 bookings for all indoor and outdoor classes.




This subscription expires in 30 days and includes 12 bookings for all indoor and outdoor classes.




This subscription expires in 180 days and includes 72 bookings for all indoor and outdoor classes.

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* VAT 13% is included
** In case you are eligible for a reward, it is applied within 24 hours by the time of activation.


1. Registration in the Gym is allowed only for adults. For the registration of a minor, the physical presence of the guardian and the signing of a Responsible Declaration of consent for the registration of the protected member is mandatory.
2. Each member is obliged within ten days from the date of registration, to present a Medical Certificate from a Pathologist or Cardiologist, which confirms that his physical exercise is allowed. This certificate is renewed every 12 months. In case of non-presentation of the certificate, the gym is entitled not to allow the member to enter until the presentation of the certificate.
3. Each member has the right to freeze their subscription for the number of days corresponding to it, which are renewed with each subscription renewal.
4. The behavior and presence of the members in the gym must always be decent and polite.
5. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the gym.
6. The use and trafficking of illegal substances or food supplements inside the gym is strictly prohibited.
7. The making of noises in the gym and the harassment of the members is prohibited.
8. The use of lockers is allowed only during the stay in the gym.
9. For any loss of items, the gym is not responsible.
10. The use of a towel is mandatory. We always spread it on the instrument or mattress we use, thinking about the next one who will use them.
11. Always wear clean sportswear and be careful not to carry street dust into the gym. Ideally, we change shoes in the landscaped outdoor area before entering the gym.
12. The use of sportswear and sports shoes is mandatory.
13. The use of all sports equipment of the gym, should be done carefully, only during a scheduled class and always based on the instructions of the managers and trainers of the gym.
14. Members must take into account the safety measures of the building, in order to avoid accidents.
15. You can bring your child to the gym during your training however it is your responsibility to limit him to the waiting area to avoid injuries.
16. In case there is an active discount in a member's subscription, this remains active for up to 1 month after the termination of the subscription.
17. The purchase of any subscription implies the acceptance of all the above terms of the regulation.

In the event that any of the above conditions are violated, the management of the gym reserves the absolute right to remove the membership.

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How do I get started?

You can sign up online to create an account or come by the reception of FREE MOTION.
In peak periods and when deemed necessary by the management for the best service of our members, registrations are made only from the reception of the gym.
Each new member, has the right of one free class that can be used for up to seven days from the date of registration.

How do I sign up for a class?

Head over to the "BOOK A CLASS" page and choose a class time you like. From there, just click on "Book now". If a class is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist. If a spot opens up in that class, you'll be placed into the class and notified via email.

When can I sign up for classes?

Every Friday, the booking window opens for the coming week. This will allow you to register for the desired classes for the following Monday through Saturday. We encourage you to sign up for your favorite classes as soon as possible as many classes fill up quickly. PREMIUM members have a 24-hour early booking window that allows them to register for the coming week's classes on Thursday.

How far in advance do I have to cancel a class to avoid penalty?

You must cancel a class 5 hours before your scheduled class in order to avoid penalty. If you cancel after that period, you will forfeit one credit. Select the class you have made the booking and press "Cancel booking".

What happens if I fail to show up for a class I've reserved?

If you fail to show up for a class you're signed up for, you will forfeit the credit used to reserve the class.

How will I know if I have gotten into a class off a wait list?

As soon as a spot has opened up for you, we will notify you by email. Remember, when you put yourself on a waitlist, the system uses one of your credits to hold your place. If you have made other plans and do not plan to attend class, please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid penalty. To remove yourself select the class you have made the booking and press "Cancel booking".

What happens when I get to the studio?

Arrive early to your first class and let the front desk staff know that it's your first visit. A Free Motion staff member will then take you through a brief orientation to get you ready. And remember, Real Ryder indoor cycling and Functional training are great for all fitness levels; our instructors will lead you every step of the way.

How often do I need to take classes to see results?

We recommend you take 3 classes per week. You will see results even if you ride or train with us twice a week, but you'll feel maximum effect if you can get to three times.

How do I know if I'm improving/how do I track my performance over time?

Every time you take an indoor cycling class, you can track your metrics and the energy burned by using our POLAR system. Moreover you can visit our dietitian to measure your BMI and metabolic rate. By tracking your performance history you'll be able to set your own goals and measure your results over time.
And if you're not interested in the numbers, just close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

Which classes should I choose?

All workouts complement each other perfectly and offer true full body focus. The combination is a fantastic way to get the best overall workout possible. Inform us if you have any health or medical restriction.

What programs are included in my subscription?

Depending on the membership you choose, you will be able to use the credits of your subscription in any way you want in the classes included.
Click here to see all the available options.

Do my credits expire?

Yes. Credits expire when your membership ends unless you renew it before its expiration.

Can I buy a gift certificate for a friend?

Yes! Just ask about it in the studio. You can purchase classes, as well as specific membership as gifts.

Can I give some of my credits to a friend?

No. Credits are not transferrable.

Can I freeze my subscription if I need to miss it?

Yes! You can freeze your subscription for a total of 7 days per month, on each renewal, unless otherwise specified by the subscription.
You can freeze your subscription through the app or the website.
Make sure you do it from the first day you will be absent to extend your subscription as many days as you are missing.

Can I take a class if I am pregnant?

Please consult your physician beforehand - we have had many expecting mothers take classes!


How do I adjust the bike for my body?

Real Ryder bikes are custom made and have several adjustments to tailor the bike to your body and comfort level:
Raise/lower the seat
Raise/lower the handle bars
Set the distance between handle bars and seat
Two-sided pedals for regular shoe or mountain bike
In every class, our instructors, as well as the front desk staff, will gladly help you with these settings.

What should I wear to a Real Ryder indoor cycling class?

We recommend comfortable workout attire, including padded bicycle shorts. Avoid loose fitting long pants that could get caught in the pedals.

Are Real Ryder classes safe?

Real Ryder classes are designed to be safe. We follow every best practice protocol in the fitness business and all staff are properly trained and certified. However, we always recommend that you consult your physicians for guidance on an exercise program that is safe for you.


What is Functional Suspension training?

Functional Suspension training is a training for the whole body that is based on movement at each level using mainly body weight but also other weights or equipment, designed for muscle strengthening, sculpting, flexibility, improving posture and rehabilitation. Expect a dynamic, energetic workout.

Do I have to be in great shape to participate in a functional training class?

Functional Suspension training is designed to be appropriate for all fitness levels. You do what you can, and you are always welcome to come out of positions you cannot sustain. Our instructors are trained to assist people of all abilities. We offer private sessions if you want to study the method one-on-one at your own pace. With time, you will get better and better.

How many times a week should I take functional training to get the best results?

We recommend two to three classes per week, although even one class a week will give you greater strength, energy, and muscle tone.

What should I wear to a functional training class?

Comfortable clothes to move freely and breathe your body, sneakers, towel and water.


Where can I download the application for my mobile?

Use one of the following links depending on your mobile:


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